Monday, December 24, 2012

Daydreaming of summer.

Ever since I got back from the Philippines, I have not really seen our yard, lol! I mean the yard is there all right, but you couldn’t see the grass or whatever that’s left of it. It’s all been covered with snow. It doesn’t snow everyday though, thank God. But since the temps are so low, the snow from few weeks ago are still there and now new stuff has been added. We had a snowy Christmas. I think it’s pretty, you know everything is covered in white. But I miss the summer season sometimes. It’s nice to think about swimming pools and just wearing shirts and not covered in bulky outfits when I go out. Although summer is like ages away, I am sure plenty of stores already offer discount pool parts. That’s the way they can have a good head start as far as market competition is concerned. I am actually excited for next year’s summer season since we just bought a house and we’ve never really had a real backyard back then. I was thinking of getting like a cool pool for Caleb or probably one of those nice jump and slide inflatable bouncers, lol! We’ll see, I’m sure Caleb would be delighted.

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