Thursday, August 2, 2012

Busy as can be: Getting ready!

I can't believe it's August already. In a few more weeks, Caleb and I will be vacationing to the Philippines. I am excited. Everyone in my family is excited. They are so ready to see Caleb. I don't think Caleb knows he's got a new whole world of excitement and adventure up ahead. It will be a different place and culture for him. I just hope he will enjoy the vacation as much as I will. However, I am a little bit worried for our long flight back to my country. Being a toddler and all, I know it will be difficult for him to be in a constricted area for that much period of time. I could only hope that the new toys, books, DVDs that I got for him will keep him entertained while in the plane or else it's going to be a nightmare for me and of course for the people that will be seated close to us, lol! In addition to our big trip, we might be moving into our new house this month or earlier next month. Regardless of the date, I have to start putting our things in boxes anytime soon. I may no longer be here to help Jeff with the move but I want to get a head start by helping him pack our stuff. It sure is a busy month for me! Life is an adventure, indeed!

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AdinB said...

Good luck ate Jhen! I am sure you can do it and you will survive. Make sure to let him sip something when taking off or if he is still pacified so his ears won't be popping and he won't be fussy. What we did with Harley was when he started getting to be a bit restless we let him color or read books and the DVD would be your last resort when all things fails. hehehe.... Good luck and have a safe trip back to Pinas. Looks like Jeff will be busy after all moving and stuff. :)