Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is online learning worth it?

At times, I find myself wanting to go back to school and get another degree. For me, learning does not stop after I graduated college. It is a continuous process and I believe the more educated you are, the more wonderful opportunities come your way. The best thing about the current modern times, we now have the option to study online. There are hundreds of reputable online school out there so it really is a daunting task finding one that suits one's lifestyle and budget. For one, Walden University's online degree programs have potentials in giving the right education to anyone who wants it.

I often ask myself if there was a chance to study again, what course would it be? Well, the field of healthcare seems to hold its ground during recession and it actually continues to grow in this troubled economy. So I guess I wanted to have a career in healthcare. has a great B.S. program in Healthcare Management. And it's something that I'd like to take a look into.

How about you, if you'd be given a chance to go to school, what would you like to enroll in? Have you considered taking up classes online? If still unsure, you might want to research some more and learn about Walden. They might be able to help you decide where to invest your time, effort and money as far as online schooling is concerned.

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