Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Anything for the baby.

I used to enjoy buying clothes for myself. But that has changed when baby came along. I enjoy more choosing baby outfits nowadays. Babies need new clothes almost every 3 months. Man! They grow up so fast. I’d like to keep at least 2 week’s worth of sleep and play outfits. He spends so much time inside the house because of the extreme heat so there’s really no need yet to get clothes that can be worn outside. However, he also has several summer outfits, most of them he hasn’t worn yet, lol! I told you, I love to shop clothes for the baby. Anyway, when he becomes a teenager, I might let him try wearing urban clothes. I bet it’s cool and hip, don’t you think?

2 replies:

jellybelly said...

Buying clothes for my little girl is as enjoyable as buying clothes for me. Baby girl dresses all so cute and pretty!

The Twerp and I

OSeƱorita said...

Same with me when my little girl was born. I found myself buying more clothes for her and none for myself. Maybe all mothers are like that to their little princess!