Saturday, May 28, 2011


Cell phone plans, even prepaid ones can be very confusing. I get frustrated because I can’t seem to find a phone and a plan that works for me. I don’t call, text or even get calls much so it would really just be a waste of money if I’d go for those convoluted conventional phones with contracts. I have owned a very cheap prepaid Nokia phone for years. Though it still works great for me when we travel, I thought I’d look into those new and nicer phones that have prepaid plans. I have seen quite a few that I like at Walmart but unfortunately, I was told that it won’t work well in our area. They offered me other options but they don’t have rollover balance which is pretty important to me since a $25 dollar refill card would last me several months. So I thought I’d do more research and maybe I can find some better deals online. AT&T wireless has some interesting prepaid phones and plan options so I might just get one from them. Oh, well I may have to sleep on it, probably tomorrow I can think straight and can finally decide on something. Ironically, I have already decided on a perfect case for cell phone, lol! I fell in love with the color so I guess that's my cue which phone to get then. Oh, well!

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