Sunday, September 19, 2010

A trip to the caverns

For the first time after I got pregnant, we took a mini-trip 2 hours away from home. The first trimester of my pregnancy was difficult so we really couldn't do out-of-town trips. They say the best time to travel, if you were to travel while pregnant is during the second trimester. But it was only at my 28 weeks that we got the chance to do something fun, so on Labor Day weekend, off we went to Springfield, Missouri and visit Fantastic Caverns. I don't want to do something stressful so I purposely chose this activity for I know it's not gonna be hard for me. Fantastic Caverns is the only ride-thru cave experience in the U.S. You get to explore the cave and take photos while riding on a tram. It was pretty interesting! Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable about the history of the place. Another one of the first new experiences that we get to do together. I also did some more maternity clothes and footwear shopping in the mall the day after. Of course I was exhausted from the walking but I figured I need the exercise anyway, plus shopping has always been a part of our mini-vacation itinerary, lol!

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awalkthroughlife said...

hi net, when are you due? mag pa normal delivery jud ka?

Bchai said...

Glad to hear you made a trip out to the caverns. Those shots look pretty neat! I'd like to see 'em one day. J's aunt's been nagging us to visit her in Springfield, so we might have to head out there one of these days. ;)

Mizé said...

Wow, time´re already in the second semester of your pregnancy.
I once visited caverns and was delighted to see the stalactites.
All the best,