Saturday, September 25, 2010

Autumn is in the air

I can tell autumn is just right around the corner. The temperature has started to cool down a bit here in our place. Early mornings and evenings are chilly, while temperature rises up to a comfortable low 70s during midday. It’s perfect for walks but I have not done that part yet, outside the house at least. But I’ve been walking on the treadmill at my own slow, comfortable pace lately. Air conditioning in the house is no longer running. I get chilly in the morning so I have been using heater for days now. It’s a pain going out because of the cold weather. I can’t wear any of my pre-pregnancy sweaters anymore since my tummy has ballooned so much lately. I’m currently on my 32 weeks (8 months) and baby is growing more and more as evidenced by my growing belly. I’m thinking of getting a huge sweatshirt, a coat or something for days when I’d like to go out to eat dinner with hubby and doctor's visits. I figure the weather is just gonna get cooler and cooler as I will be approaching my due date.

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