Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pamper them in their sleep

If there is something that I am NOT, but wish to become is to be a pet lover. It’s not that I hate pets but for some reason, I am scared of dogs especially the big dark ones. I have been bitten by a dog before. It was not something majorly alarming, but since then I have always been afraid to be around dogs. I love the white, cute and fluffy small dogs though. I wish to have one but I don’t know if I will be dedicated enough to take care of them with their grooming and other needs. Given a chance to have one, I think taking good care of them extends to providing them with comfy pet beds. If we think of them as our best friend, then they also deserve the comfort that their owners are enjoying during bed time. Don’t you think?

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Nostradamas said...

Hi Jenn
The small dog idea might be good for you.If you get a chance come over. I have something for you on my site.