Monday, October 19, 2009

I know what he likes to receive on his birthday

I’d already be in the Philippines when Jeff celebrates his birthday in December so as early as now, I have thought of what to leave him as a gift for his birthday. My husband is one of the simplest people I’ve known. He’d appreciate even just a card because to him, it’s the thought that counts. I know he loves to read. We are both book lovers actually. He may enjoy a totally different genre than mine but in some ways, we both love to read together books that I usually choose. On his birthday though, I’m going to give him a book about History, which by the way, the genre he prefers. I’ve looked into Amazon books and found an interesting account of The Bataan Death March and its Aftermath. This grim history book revisits the worst ordeal Americans and Filipinos experienced during WWII, most specifically in the hands of the Japanese during the infamous death march in Bataan, Philippines. Even if history is not really my cup of tea, I was interested to read this book after reading the synopsis and reviews online. I know for sure that Jeff is going to enjoy reading this while he’ll be in a plane to the PI.

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