Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Many Faces of Regine

Obviously, she is my most photographed Diva. I didn't want to miss anything while she's on stage, whether she's singing or just talking to the crowd at the concert. Every time I hit zoom on my camera, it's because I wanted to focus on her. Gosh, do I sound like an obsessed fan now, lol! Nope, not quite! I'm just fascinated with the way she dresses, her complexion, her tiny face (yep, I think she has a very cute and small face in person) and of course her undeniable singing prowess. For me, she's incomparable and she deserves to be called the Asia's Songbird.

10 replies:

Lainy said...


You're lucky you were able to take quite a handful of good shots of the Asia's Songbird.

When she had a concert in Sydney, My Prince bought a VIP ticket but they weren't allowed to take pictures. Ambot ngano oi! He was really disappointed because he's a big fan of her.Wala daw lagi makapildi sa performance! That's according to his standard, hehe!

irish daisies said...

she is a very pretty lady :)

atenean101 said...

agree! agree!

i`m a fanatic too! and she`s been my inspiration... especially with my talent in singing (though i really don`t sing as a career).

she`s so amazing!

Unknown said...

@Scotty's Princess
-yeah, i was able to take good photos of her. we had VIP tickets too, i made sure of that, so i can take good shots, hehe. too bad your prince wasn't able to take pictures. strikto gud nila. here in the US, all of the Divas concerts kay allowed man mu-take ug photos.

wow, daghan na diay mi fans ani, hehe.

-she's indeed very pretty and talented, my friend!

-you are so right. she's simply amazing. i really like her.

katherine said...

hey, she's my idol...i love her voice, her songs...she's a great performer.

""rarejonRez"" said...

hmmm... do i have to argue how much of a fanatic you are of her, sis? haha. i don't blame you though! i like her as well man pud. ;-)

analou said...

Regine is so beautiful. I like her a lot too. Her voice is amazing and she deserves to be the Asia's song bird. Thanks for sharing this my friend.

Plumber Bell Gardens, CA said...

Awesome pictures!

<3 Lindsay

AdinB said...

Nice kaayo ang mga photos na nakuha nimo kay Regine ate Jhen.. hay! I like her so much.. :) Thanks for sharing ate Jhen. Musta na?

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