Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!

This is Google's logo for the day. In remembrance of Nikola Tesla, an Austrian-American inventor, mechanic and electrical engineer. Last February, I got the privilege to see one of his famous inventions, the Tesla Coil when we visited Mid-America Museum in Hot Springs. It's a 1.5-million-volt conical Tesla Coil which is also known as "Caged Lightning". Amazing, isn't it?

2 replies:

Mizé said...

Oh, so that´s it. I was wondering what the Google logo was about. Thanks for sharing the info.
Good weekend, Mizé.

Martha said...

I really like Google's graphics for every important event. Have you seen the June 12 logo also? Very nice also. I also like the Valentine logo. I actually saved them.