Sunday, March 1, 2009

All About Me

One of the things I love about having mini-vacations is the photo opportunity. Hot Springs is a very pretty place and I couldn't let the chance pass to have souvenir photos of me in a very romantic and picturesque place like this. I'm grateful to my ever-dedicated hubby for taking all these photos of me. He would always tell me that I'm his favorite photo subject. (*wink) Most of these photos are taken at the Garvan garden. Please enjoy viewing them as I was having fun when I had all these shots taken. Have a very fun Sunday, everyone!

In my solitude

Getting ready for our 2nd day adventure

A little tired from hiking (my puppies are barking)



By the waterfall

The edge of my jeans got wet from the water splashes

By the pond

By a bridge

I had the spot all by myself

10 replies:

Michelle said...

wow, that's a nice place jenn! love the background and of course you look great in the pics. :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely souvenir, Jenn. Looks like a chilly Hot Spring, hehee... I like those bare trees in the background,seems very quiet out there.

Lou said...

pagka-anyag oi! :-)


Dutch Boy said...

hi Jenn, you look great in your pictures, your hubby got some good shots of you. I loved the pictures in your post before that too. anyway have a nice day and God bless.

""rarejonRez"" said...

wa jud kay kalaban sis ayy! good photographer pa jud kaayo imo kauban! hehe... i enjoyed the shots!

Anonymous said...

wowww nice pic... beautiful place with beautiful lady

irish daisies said...

every photo of you is lovely. you look like you are shinning :)

B said...

Is this Hot Springs, Arkansas?

Anonymous said...

You're pretty Jenn, and very cool pictures. Thanks for sharing.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Hi ate Jenn... I love last picture. And I like your jacket. It's so cute. Do they have it in yellow? =) Si ate jenn talaga oo, such a fashionista. =)