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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Permanent Resident Card arrives today!!!

Have I just been lucky or is USCIS California just faster than any other service centers? Four days after I got an email with regards to my AOS approval, I received two letters in our mailbox from USCIS California. One of it is a Welcome to the US letter and the other one which surprised me the most is my Permanent Resident Card. I was thinking of 60 days after the email notice, thus it made me so happy and excited when I got a hold of my card today. The card expires in 2 years and so we have to renew it 90 days before it expires. It's not bad, I mean at least we can rest from the immigration process for 2 years. Right now, I've got a driver's license and a permanent resident card. I feel that this is the best time for me to start my life outside the house, get a job and legally reside in the US. This is fun and I am jubilant!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

AOS: Approved without an Interview

Five months from filing our Adjustment of Status application, I got an email from USCIS today informing me that they've mailed a notice welcoming me as a new permanent resident and that I'll get my permanent resident card in the mail in 60 days. This sounds good news but my first reaction was "What?". I mean I thought it's a bit strange getting the GC without an interview. At least that's what I thought AOS applicants have to go through before they'll get a GC. Moreover, it's been only like 5 months from our application and I thought it's gonna take a year or more before I'll ever hear from USCIS. But today, USCIS informed us we're approved without an interview. SWEET!!!

I tried double-checking it with VisaJourney and The World of Filipinas websites (my primary sources of immigration information). It turned out that this is really good news -- that I am now a permanent resident without having to go through an interview like a bunch of applicants who's cases were moved to California Service Center as well. I don't know why it all happens like that but my doubts were all gone now that I've read forum answers that they too have the same case scenario as mine. Well, there's no reason to complain, is there? The interview might not be as nerve-wracking as the Fiancee Visa application last year but still skipping an AOS interview is such an amazing thing. Jeff and I will gonna have to celebrate through dinner in a restaurant tonight. Now, I'll just have to sit back and wait for my greencard in 60 days.