Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adios to my point and shoot.

I’ve always liked taking pictures of just about anything. But of course, my favorite subject is my 3-year old. I like to capture every little bits of pieces of his day to day life no matter how mundane they are. He was doing something cute and worthy of a snapshot the other day and I reached in to my purse only to realize that I no longer have my point and shoot digi cam. It was dropped on the floor over the holidays so I now only rely on my tablet camera to take pictures. I am not so thrilled with its quality so I am really looking into getting myself a DSLR. I have been researching about it and once I’ve saved enough money to get one, I will definitely bite the bullet and take my interest in photography to the next level. I really wish though that I won’t have to wait very long before I can save up for the purchase because I just don’t want to miss a lot of fun stuff to photograph with my little boy. Easter season is fast approaching and I'm looking at tuxedo vests and ties online. I would like to get a nice set for the little guy. I’m sure he will look amazing in them so I am really hoping I’d have a camera by then so I’ll have good souvenir shots.

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