Friday, July 5, 2013

Cyndi Lauper at Beacon Theatre.

I love to watch concerts. As a matter of fact, I have been to several good ones in the past. One memorable concert event that I have gone to with hubby was Divas4Divas in Dallas, Texas. It’s not a secret that I totally am a fan of Regine Velasquez, so when I had the chance to watch her again perform on stage here in U.S. this time, obviously I couldn’t afford to miss it. So I dragged hubby along, lol! And I was glad that he enjoyed it as well. We had front row seats and the price of the tickets was very well worth it.

I was excited when I learned that Cyndi Lauper is soon to have a concert in New York. It’s one of the states that I have never been to but would definitely love to visit someday. Coincidentally, Cyndi Lauper was one of my favorite pop artists back in the 80s. So I thought this might be a good chance for me to do both at the same time. I am actually intrigued on how she looks now at 60. Most importantly, I think it will be fun to watch her sing her old hits so I have been scouring the net for great deals on Beacon Theatre tickets. This is the venue of her concert and I was hoping to score some cheap tickets for this event.

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