Tuesday, October 16, 2012

BE Resorts: The place to be!

Another wonderful beach resort that we've been to for this vacation is BE Resorts. It's situated in Mactan island. The place is cute, clean, classy and of course refreshingly wonderful. We stayed overnight and we did actually went night swimming. It was fun. Can't help but wonder though why the place was filled with so many Koreans that day, hehe! Not that I mind, lol! It's funny how Caleb had been getting lots of "he's cute" comments from Korean girls, lol! He did seem to enjoy the flattery, lol!

Anyway, we had a great time at BE. The place isn't crowded which makes you enjoy the amenities and the view all the more. They have affordable room accommodations which start at Php4,500.00 pesos. Cebu indeed has lots of amazing beach resorts that caters to all kinds of guests, be it foreigners or locals.

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