Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Being Sheltered.

The article written by Alonso Kramer

Sometimes I think growing up in a small town really kept me sheltered from the outside world and I feel like if I would have grown up in a bigger city that I might have more common sense about the world around me and how people act. For instance, I never really thought about locking my doors until I moved to the city because growing up we didn’t even lock our doors when we were going out of town for a long period of time. Basically, I feel like a lot of people could take advantage of me because I am naïve in a lot of ways. Recently, a fiend of mine sent me Now I feel like I am at least not going to be taken advantage of by my energy provider. My only worry now is remembering to lock my doors when I leave the house and trying not leave my car unlocked at night. Hopefully, I can start adjusting myself to the city life and who knows maybe one day I’ll be street smart.

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OSeñorita said...

Wish it could be that secured here in the Philippines. But couldn't even leave the window open when going out.