Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our family chore chart

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight

One thing that I learned as a much older sister to two siblings is that you can't expect kids to just pick up things after they've been doing the opposite for a while and have gotten used to that. So when I had kids I decided that I was going to try and teach them responsibility at a young age to try to be fair to them. Part of that is the family chore chart that we have, which includes even my husband and mine's duties on it too.

We've been using a chore chart for years now but I wanted to upgrade to a new one because our old white board one was starting to look really shabby. I went online to find a new way to make one and while I was doing that I found a wild blue comparison that looked really great and signed up for the internet provider for our home service.

I finally found one that I liked, which was made out of a magnetic board. I also even made little magnets for our family chore chart which separate chores labeled on each one. It looks pretty cute and I think that this one is going to hold up for quite a while from now.

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