Sunday, January 30, 2011

First experience was not bad

Like most of us, I don’t like hospitals. I mean I can’t stand the smell and the fact that I could be exposed to sick people. Thankfully, I don’t get sick quite often. I hardly even get colds (knock on wood!). The first and hopefully the last time that I will be in a hospital was when I gave birth. During my 3 day stay, I have noticed quite a lot of differences from the hospitals in the PI. For one, their emergency and triage area are not crowded. I was amazed with the fancy equipments they used here. The maternity bed that looks quite simple and small at first glance turned out to be fully functional, comfortable and has amazing features. The medical carts they’ve been using looks ordinary but actually is full of high tech apparatus and equipments. Despite the pain I was feeling at that time, my hospital stay wasn't really that bad as I expected. Of course, there's still no place like home but as a whole, I did have a great hospital experience.

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