Monday, August 16, 2010

Eyeing for a great glider

We have been using our new king-sized bed and mattress for almost a month now. I love how comfortable and huge it is. Although hubby finds it too big for just the two of us, I just told him when our little boy comes along, he can sleep with us on the bed, hehe. Anyway, because of its size, I was able to use my body pillow, one memory foam pillow on my back, and 2 king-sized pillows to support my head and neck without having to worry whether hubby still has room on his side of the bed. Literally, I’ve been surrounded with pillows, lol! The downside of it is I have to toss away one or two of them so I could scoot down the bed during bathroom trips, hehe. But other than that, I’ve been feeling comfortable and heavenly in our new bed. I’m not quite sure if I can still say this when I’ll be on my 8th and 9th month of pregnancy though. When the tummy grows that big, I have a feeling, no comfortable bed would ever make one feel comfortable and restful at nights.

Thanks to my sister who gave us lots of necessary things for the baby, we crashed out the crib, mattress, play pen, dresser/changing table, car seat, stroller, walker, bath tub, bouncy chair from our "To Buy" list. That saved us a lot of money. I still need one furniture though so this weekend, we’re going to look for another piece of furniture for our baby’s room. We were thinking of getting a nice glider for baby feeding times. I enjoy looking around at furniture stores even if we don’t necessarily buy anything right away. I love to look at contemporary furniture displays, though I must admit I’m still into traditional and casual designs. I saw some gliders at Walmart but hubby doesn't trust the quality of furnitures at this store. He said he'd rather spend a couple of hundreds more to ensure we'll get a furniture that would last much longer than spend a little over one hundred dollars and get something that would break after a few months. I agree with him so we're thinking of getting it at the same furniture store where we got our bed from.

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Bchai said...

Gliders are SOOOO comfy too. It's not as comfy as your bed, but it'll be a boon to help you put your little boy to sleep on those early morning feedings! ;) (Make sure you get a boppy too.)