Friday, February 20, 2009

Mid-America Science Museum

Our first stop on Valentine's Day was Mid-America Science Museum. I've been to several museums but I must say, this one is the most interesting and exciting experience for me. Unlike most museums where you would just feast your eyes on the exhibits, Mid-America would actually make you touch, see, feel, hear, smell and do things. It is very hands on and they have something for young and old alike. The Tesla Coil presentation was worth mentioning. This "caged lightning", as what they call it, produces 1,500,000 volts of electricity. The Tesla Coil is enclosed in a massive 2-1/2 ton steel Faraday cage which protects the visitor from the "lightning" (corona discharges). I marveled at it but had to cover my ears to muffle the loud noise created by the voltage. We also had fun inside the Underground Arkansas Cave. A few kids and a couple of adults trekked with us through the gigantic indoor cave filled with awesome twists, turns, tunnels, and slides. We maneuvered swinging bridges and climbed rope ladders and I have to admit, we wished we were 20 years younger so we'd have the agility, energy and flexibility of kids, lol! One day, when we have kids of our own, we would definitely take them back to Mid-America Science Museum. It was indeed an exciting experience!

The entrance

An electrical thing that goes ZAPPP!!!

Jeff in action

Making a whirlpool

Caged lightning presentation

Static electricity ball

I got a kick out of this cute girl's hair

Fossilized Mastodon Skeleton

Hot air balloon

All legs, no bodies

I wonder what this is....probably these kids are thinking the same?

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ChinkyGirLMeL said...

wow that place looks super cool ate jenn. i love the little girl's hair too, so cute. but if that happened to me, that would be a whole different story, it wouldn't be a cute site. hehehehe... Cge ate, if ever you're in Davao just let me know. I can help you arrange for a daytour or accomodation at Pearl Farm Beach Resort. There's this cool place too called Eden Nature Park. if you're into nature then that place is a must to visit. =) have a great weekend ate jenn.

Marie NP said...

Hi Jenn,

Intir na ang taxes ato pero tawagi lang sya kay pangitaan ka niyag cheaper tickets.

Enchie said...

I like to experience the Electric Static Ball :D

Enchie said...

Its static electricity ball pala :D