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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ready for a new look!

One of the things that I love about the weekends is that hubby makes nice breakfast for us. As of this writing, he's making a runny egg sandwich with cheese and bacon for brekkie. Yum! Yum! The smell of it makes me more hungry. Today is going to be busy for us. We're going to Fort Smith, a 45-min drive from our town, to buy something for me and to get a new haircut. I've always loved the hair with bangs look but was just too afraid to try it myself because it might not be the hairstyle that'll suit my face shape. But I'm gonna take some risk so I can have a different look for my birthday. Well, you might say why must I do that for my birthday? Nope, there isn't any party or a big celebration on that day but I just wanted to feel and look different on my 31st birthday. Gosh! I am that old, yikes! Hahaha! But anyway, I'll try to have fun today. I hope the people at JC Penney Salon won't mess up my hair. I've had experiences like that with hair salons back in the Philippines, that's why I hardly get a haircut 'coz it greatly frustrates me when I don't get the results that I'd expected. Goodluck to me...

2 replies:

Anonymous said...

hi Jen! kumusta na?
good luck sa imong plan magpa hair cut! i am planning to have mine done for a while but just don't have enough courage to have it cut. i do love the latest hairstyles as shown by most celebrities on tv and magz. hay, mag-imagine lang ko for now kay mura di gyud bagay sa ako-a hehehe!

meretrisha said...

happy birthday net! happy new hair bisag wa ko kita hehe. enjoy ur day. blowout pud oi

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