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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Is it too soon to think about it?

The last few days had been pretty stressful for me. It has nothing to do with my birthday though. As a matter of fact, that day made me forget temporarily the things that were occupying my mind lately. It is actually thoughts about our future wedding in the Philippines late next year. It may have been too early to plan and think about the details right now but at least I want to start ahead with the initial planning. This is doubly hard for me since I could not be there personally to work with the suppliers but I try as much as possible to do the initial stage of planning and ask my sister’s or cousin’s help to tie up some loose ends. Right now, I am starting to canvass online on possible wedding suppliers. The blogs that some people write to document their weddings and the various wedding web sites gave me ideas on who to consider working with for my wedding. I am pretty careful with our budget. I dream to have a very nice wedding but I don’t want us to be crazy with our money so I had to consider multiple options. Jeff couldn’t help me with the planning 100% since he knows nothing about PI weddings but he did give me inputs on some important decisions though. Like which place to have our Pre-nuptial Pictorial, he was the one who suggested Mountain View Park where we had our first ever date in the Philippines almost 3 years ago. I have always wanted to do the reception in an open area specifically at a beachfront so having the Pre-nuptial Pictorial in the mountains would be a very great choice 'coz of the contrast. I can ramble on and on when it comes to my ideal wedding but I didn’t want to do that yet. I even consider having a new blog that specifically talks about my wedding updates and preparations but I’m afraid I don’t have the time and commitment to do that. So I’ll just have to do my wedding blogs here in My Sweet Haven as well. I’m hoping I can also get ideas from some friends here especially those who have done their Renewal of Vows back home. I’m sure this is going to be a stressful but fun experience.

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meretrisha said...

hi net, you might want to consider getting wedding singers. i would like to recommend these guys to you. they don't charge you that much but they're very good. check out i personally know wiljumar, the male vocalist, kababata na nako. they sang at my wedding too. if ure interested, i suggest you book them early :)

I Am Me said...

Hi jenn, thanks for the inquires... You can contact me on this email mr_jsterling(at)yahoo(dot)com

Michelle said...

wow, that's stressful dear. my mom also wanted me and hubby to have a church wedding in Pinas but i don't want to deal with the headaches and cost. besides, hubby and i got married in the church here in US and we're satisfied with it. anyway, good luck for the wedding preparation. you really need more time for that. and about the sotanghon recipe, it was Ilocana who cooked it not me. her name is Amy and here's her link

Anonymous said...

now i'm starting to get excited for you. wedding planning is not really tough. although i was there in Cebu, i already had all my plans and resources laid out when I was in the Netherlands. it doesn't take us that long to finalize everything.

yours will be wonderful for sure!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Jen! Wa na jud ta nag ka istorya oi,,,diri na lang ko sa imong blog makabalo sa mga updates sa imong life heheh


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