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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

I have a funny experience today at work. I had to go down to the Credit Department to give a printout to a certain Janice but I didn't know which part of the department is her cubicle so I went up to a lady dressed in black who's facing away from me and said, "Excuse me..." When she suddenly faced me, I wasn't able to finish my line because I was totally caught by surprise with the way she looked. She's a real tall and skinny woman and she was dressed up as a vampire and her face looked so pale from the make-up and what totally scared me was the red lipstick that looked like blood dripping on her mouth. Her dark eye make-up helped her achieve the real vampire look. I was taken aback. For a split second, I thought I was staring at a real vampire then it dawned on me that it's Halloween and some people even at work like to wear costumes. The lady probably realized that she scared me because even if I didn't say anything, she quickly said, "Oh, I'm really sorry!" Hahahahaha!!! I was laughing at my reaction and I couldn't helped but laugh even more when I was already in the elevator going back to our office.

Anyway, we carved a pumpkin when I got home from work. It wasn't that artistic but I'm still amused with this tradition because we don't have anything like this back home. We bought bunches of candies for trick or treaters but too bad, there's not much kids in our area so I only get one trick or treater. I'm pretty sure Jeff and I would end up eating these candies. Happy Halloween, everyone!!!

For Trick or Treaters


Jack O'Lantern that Jeff and I made

8 replies:

LODS said...

happy halloween jen..wla gyud bitaw ni sa atoa..celebration nato is kalagkalag

Anonymous said...

Happy working in ACS but somehow its more like an innodata...graveyard shift is not easy though..thank you for visiting my blog!

Michelle said...

wow, your mask looks good on you! :)

irish daisies said...

some really funky costumes out there and some cute ones too.. you look so cute in ur mask

Anonymous said...

daan lagi ko, ikaw ra ug si jeff makapildi anang chocolates heheh

Lynn said...

yummy chocolates! belated happy halloween!

Anonymous said...

Wow daming chocolates! Akin n lang yan :)

AdinB said...

Ate Jhen I didn't see this before and I tell yah! You look good! :) hehehe.. what a halloween that was.

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