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Monday, October 20, 2008

My Paypal account was hacked

The first thing that I usually do when I get up in the morning is to open the computer and check PPP, my blog and my personal emails. I freaked out today when I saw two emails from Paypal saying that a new street address has been successfully added to my account. I readily opened my Paypal account and voila, an address from California has been added next to my Arkansas address. Whoa! Is this an attempt to hack my account? It could be! The last time I opened Paypal was last night when I ordered 2 perfumes for my mom in the PI online. I don’t know exactly how these people get onto the accounts of other people but I guess that could have been the time that changes to my account was made. There were no withdrawals or purchases made though but it still bothered me that somebody tried to add their address into my account. I deleted them, changed my password and emailed Paypal about it. Tsk...tsk..

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Anonymous said...

Hi, that's what scares me and my husband with this blogging and Paypal thing. I am thinking twice to verify my address or not. Did you add a bank in Paypal?tnx for the reply.


Anonymous said...

oi friend kuyaw pud ani oi... btw, thanks for your comment about Antonio's pic.

Anonymous said...

geez... this is really scary. i am new with this paypal and so far have not experienced it yet... and i hope i wont. but still this is really scary because i also use my paypal account when i buy online.

Anonymous said...

by the way I just came to drop my EC here too. thanks

Ann said...

That is scary to find someone has hacked into your account. I had something similar, but with eBay. Thankfully the person didn't do anything, but still scary enough.

Anonymous said...

this is really scary stuff

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