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Monday, January 3, 2011

Vulnerable but very ecstatic

It's been 3 weeks since I gave birth but the memory of my birthing experience was still vivid. I find myself looking again and again at our hospital photos and can't help but be grateful that everything went well. I have been busy taking care of our little one thus explains my long absence in my blog. But as we enter the new year of 2011, I just thought I can't go on blogging without sharing the most precious event that had happened in our lives recently. So though I definitely don't look glamorous in these photos, I still choose to share myself with you guys in my most vulnerable moment. After all, this is my personal blog so I want to be up close and personal as much as I can, hehe. Below are two of my most cherished hospital photos when I gave birth to our baby boy. It was a tough ordeal and these photographs will always remind me that through it all, I survived and managed the pain and the difficulty of giving birth. These may be the ugliest photos of me in this blog, lol! but surely one of the happiest captures ever.

The first time I set my eyes on my little one

A family at last!

4 replies:

:) said...

aww so sweet! love both photos. you look so happy.. I'm glad he is here and you can enjoy him. have a blessed new year!

Nova said...

oh the memories di jud malimtan....always comes back when you just think or talk about the experience...

A Walk Through Life said...

these are priceless pictures! welcome to mommyhood again :-)

Michelle said...

what a nice photos. your little one is so cute and handsome. take care! :)

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