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Thursday, January 13, 2011

One month milestone

Taking it one day at a time makes it a little bit easier for me when taking care of my little one. I have been sleep deprived for quite some time now. Gone were the days when I can take 10-12 hour sleeps. I'd be lucky to get just a 3-hour sleep a day lately. Yes, it's been tough and I'm not even going to deny that. Nothing prepares me for the big change in our lives. But just looking at how innocent and fragile my baby is, and that he needs me more than anything else in this world, that had kept me going. Has it really been a month since I have him? Yes, it has been. Wow! I consider it a milestone. I know it's going to be a long journey for us but I intend to cherish every second of it, take photographs and souvenirs and enjoy the time that I can still cuddle him because before I know it, he'll eventually grow bigger and become independent.

My little "grunter" (a very noisy sleeper, lol!)

tummy time

5 replies:

Lainy said...

WOW! Kapaspas mudako sa imong pogi nga angel,Jenn. I so love the baby photos. Thanks for sharing them!

Love and Hugs,

kimmy said...

wow! beautiful baby you got there! one lucky mom you are...

Selina said...

very adorable baby

Anonymous said...

yes it's not easy being a mother, we're just like superwoman, i like your post, your baby is very handsome

Michelle said...

what a cutie!

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