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Sunday, January 9, 2011


I never thought giving birth in the U.S. can be very expensive. A week after we were discharged from the hospital, we got a letter from them informing us that Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance couldn’t cover the cost of the baby’s delivery and care because he was not added yet to our insurance policy. I was floored when I saw the bill. It costs almost P200,000.00 in Philippine pesos, just for the baby alone. I didn’t know how much was the C-section since I was already covered by Jeff’s insurance so the company took care of that. But yikes, it’s freaking expensive. We called our insurance company right away and had the baby added to our policy. Thank God it was just a phone call away and everything was settled and we didn’t have to pay the ridiculous amount. Phew!

2 replies:

Missus Cee said...

Hey at least the insurance still agreed with adding the baby on the coverage. some would not want to i guess esp with that amount!


Nova said...

oh yeah .... health insurance is SUPER EXPENSIVE HERE...maayo jud ning naa tay insurance kay it'll help more...

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