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Sunday, August 8, 2010

U-hauled their way to Lakeview

My sister in Illinois with her family paid us a visit last week. The drive from Bradley, IL to our place was supposed to be 8 hours but they had to stop in St. Louis, Missouri to spend the night in a hotel. Unfortunately, there was a sporting event held in St. Louis that day, so all the decent places to stay in the area were occupied. They drove a little further down and found a vacant room but according to my sister, it’s the worst place she’s ever stayed. The first thing that I’d always make sure whenever we stay in hotels is to check whether the doors have secured and safety locks. She said the deadbolt locks in that room was not even working. She had to set her alarm every 2 hours, just to be sure they won’t sleep soundly, that way they’ll stay alert and vigilant for suspicious sounds or people. I could imagine it had been stressful for her. But anyway, they survived and made it all the way to Arkansas safely. We’re thankful for they brought with them Bren’s stuff that our future baby boy could use like crib, dresser, mattress, bedding sets, playpen, walker, stroller, car seat, bouncy chair, baby tub, few toys, and plenty of still very nice hand-me-down baby clothing. My sister was very good in keeping these stuff in good condition because we had anticipated that sooner or later I’m gonna be a mom too and it’s a big help to have these things available to us for free. Newborns grow fast and I'm glad I don't have to buy much newborn clothing that our baby will just outgrow in weeks time. However, even with all those things she gave us, I still need so much more for the nursery. I made a list of the things we still need and approximately, it would still cost us hundreds or even thousands (if I'm not careful) to buy these things. Surely, it's expensive to have a baby but I would imagine the joy our little boy would bring to our lives when he comes out soon. We have started setting up the baby's room and we're very excited to have everything ready before the little angel comes along.

4 replies:

Neldajay said...

thank God they ur sissy's family are fine on the way to ur place Jen...don't worry about other stuff sa bb shower u will have them all :) happy pregnancy Jen

LODS said...

that great the Jingle brought along brennans old stuff..try not to go overboard when buying for kids kay sus dali ra kaayo mo tubo.. you will soon find out for yourself jenn nga naa pa unya mga tag ang uban kay dli ma maigo,hehehhe..but you already save a whole lot of money with the hand me downs you just need a great baby monitor, walker, car set and stroller and your good to go.but from the looks of it you have it all na..hala excited naku for your baby and you look so blooming sa imu pic jenn

Nova said...

glad to hear everything is fine

Bchai said...

Thank goodness your sister arrived safely. It's also great that you have all these things for lil' Timmy! Make sure you save them in case Timmy has a sibling in the future. ;)

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