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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Serves its purpose

Our first and still functioning Canon camera is a Power Shot S2 IS. Jeff bought it 4 years ago before he went over to the Philippines to visit me the first time. As a young bachelor that moves out a lot, he didn’t use to own much stuff including a camera. But he invested on one when we decided to meet in person because we want to have souvenirs and photo memories from our dates. He had no idea which camera to buy. But after some research, he was convinced of the durability and functionality of the zoom Canon camera. It's nothing fancy actually, it’s not even a DSLR which I’d like to own someday, but I love our old camera. It has excellent zooming quality and takes clear and crisp photos. It has never let me down so far. I always get compliments on how nice our camera is whenever I take it out to family and friends’ gatherings. And the most important thing, I love the quality of the photos our old Canon takes. If we need to upgrade in the near future, we're thinking to stick to Canon.

2 replies:

Nova said...

oh... those are nice cameras... hopefully it'll be my project next year...can't wait...

Bchai said...

I have a Canon SLR (old, but still working), and I just took a few test shots with a roll of film & they came out beautifully. Granted, it's a hand-me-down from my dad, but even after 15 yrs., it STILL works! You know I'm partial to Nikons, but Canons are fantastic cameras too. ;)

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