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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cheap doesn't necessarily mean better

Jeff has been using Progressive for our auto insurance for years. But when we bought the car, I thought of looking into some other companies that offer discount auto insurance policies. It's not because we are dissatisfied with Progressive, but I just thought maybe there are better offers out there, so I asked for quotes from 4 other insurance companies. To my surprise, all of the other 4 companies offer cheaper insurance premium than what we've been paying for currently. But we're reluctant to switch for a number of reasons. There's no assurance that they are better than our present policy. We try to read customer service reviews and not a lot of people have good things to say with those companies. Jeff never had problems in the past with Progressive as far as accident claims are concerned. So we decided to stay with our present insurance company.

2 replies:

Nova said...

sometimes we really need to make sure what's best for us... so even if we pay a lot at least we are at peace that in the future we don't have problems to deal with...

Bchai said...

Progressive isn't that bad. My parents are with Progressive, and they've been with them for years. It's having that peace of mind, and knowing that your insurance company is reliable and stable is worth those extra dollars. ;)

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