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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To walk or not to walk

My friends have been telling me that I should get some exercise now that I’m pregnant. I agree with them but I just couldn’t decide whether to walk around the neighborhood or use the treadmill. I must admit I’m not really a morning person so going for walks early in the morning is next to impossible. On the other hand, it gets too hot to go outside the house in the afternoon so I’m seriously thinking of just walking on the treadmill. I know I’d have to be very careful not to fall or go outbalanced so I wouldn’t go beyond my comfortable walking speed. Actually, I’m happy with the kind of treadmill we have. We bought this two years ago. We did some good research on treadmills over the internet and we specifically had our eyes on folding treadmills for we didn’t have much room in our place and we need something that saves us space. Although SOLE F-85 is huge and bulky, it folds as shown in the photo and I really love that feature.

2 replies:

Bchai said...

I'm with you too---don't walk outside when the weather's a killer. The heat's not good for you or the baby. Hmmm...maybe a nice romantic evening stroll with the hubby will work for you. The treadmill's a good idea too, but it's great to go out for some fresh air too. ;) At least it'll get you out the house!

Nova said...

walking ra ka inig hapit na imong months of due Jenn...

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