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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Santa grants my wish

Christmas might be for kids but I sure have my share of presents for the holiday season. Besides the stuff that I bought for myself this Christmas, the real surprise was the gifts from my dear hubby. There's actually a funny story behind all our gift-givings. A week before Christmas, I felt so sad and disappointed because I never saw Jeff shopping gifts for me. For two weeks, we went to the mall together and grab gifts for us and for family and friends but I never saw him carry shopping bags so I assumed that he didn't shop at all. I told him that I was disappointed with him and emotionally abuse him one night in bed because of this reason. He didn't say a word. I mean he could have pointed out that he got me something weeks before but he was just too sneaky and very good in keeping surprises but he chose to stay quiet, just let me pour out my baseless accusations and offer a hanky to wipe away my tears. At the back of his mind he thought, I would be greatly surprised when Christmas comes. Yes, he's right! I never thought he got this GUESS purse that I was eyeing for weeks. The best part of all is the WII Sports game console that he gave me. I get to play Super Mario Galaxy. There are stages in the game that's hard to figure out but it was fun though. I love my WII. The remote controller was the best part of it since it's different and easy to use. The WII itself is small so I just set it below our tv stand so I don't have to move it every now and then. Thanks to My Loving Santa for granting all my wishes this Christmas.

A new Guess purse

Snow boots from sister

WII video game console

6 replies:

""rarejonRez"" said...

awww! that wii console will surely give you reason to work it our girl! LOL

great gifts!!! the G purse? ahh... perfect! happy new year!

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Hello Jhenn! nice Guess purse... I am a big fan of Guess purses too hehehe

Michelle said...

Haha that's funny! as in gihilakan jud diay nimo ha. my hubby had a surprise for me too which i never thought he would do. Happy New Year! :)

S-H-Y said...

WOW nice gifts...

Lou said...

heheh mura man ka nag masquerade miga :-)

ang wii sa balay gi ok-ok na lang, we rarely use it...

ang gift ni hubby nako kay helicopter LOL bitaw joke

take care,

AdinB said...

Oh that is so sweet! Perti ka nice ug gifts... :) Dula nya ta ug Wii ate ha.. hehehe.. Nice boots and bag! :)

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