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Monday, December 22, 2008

Just can't get enough

We’re driving to Illinois first thing tomorrow morning. There’s been a forecast of 2-4 inches of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday so I’m a little worried of our safety on the road during these days. It would take us approximately 14 hours to drive up there and if we won’t get lucky, we might still be on the road when ice and snow accumulates. Duh! We’ll just stay in a hotel or something if the weather would be too much for Jeff to handle. I’m excited to shop at an outlet store in Illinois on our way home. It’s Christmas time so I’m pretty certain, branded stuff are on sale.

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Nova said...

i'm still lucky knowing that my area is not as bad as others... i love the snow but too much cold and they are too much on the way... that's no good....

belated merry christmas...

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