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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A successful experiment

One of my co-workers is 1/4 Filipino. Though he has never been in the Philippines, he'd joined Filipino gatherings back in Alaska, his hometown and there he tasted some of the best Filipino dishes. Pansit Bihon Guisado is one of his favorites and he kept on asking me how to make it but I've never cooked Bihon before. He found a good recipe online but his problem was our grocery here in town does not carry "rice noodles" so he used angel hair pasta on his first attempt to cook bihon, hehe. I wonder how did it taste. Anyway, I was inspired to try this recipe myself. Jeff had tried other people's bihon recipe and he liked it so I felt pressured to cook a very good Bihon for him last night. I got my recipe from and luckily, we both liked it. I had to cut back a little of the chicken broth though but my first attempt was not that bad. We had a hearty meal and I am proud that I have another Filipino dish added to my belt.

4 replies:

Shanix said...

Mmmmmm, kalami ani jen, tubod man akong laway hehehehe. try nya ko ni. tenks

Anonymous said... of my fave! ginutom tuloy ako.

meretrisha said...

hmmm.. good idea net.. i'll have tephen cook this for me jokeeeee

Anonymous said...

hi! using angel hair pasta isn't that bad... tried it myself... but of course, bihon is still the best! :) by the way, do you have an idea why we called it bihon? :D is it a brand name of rice noodles or something?

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