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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not Only in the Philippines...

One of our branches was robbed this morning. I did not know exactly the details but we were told that the bank employees were made to lie flat on their stomachs. One pregnant employee was brought to the hospital after the incident. I just could not believe it. I mean I thought events like this only happen in the Philippines and other Third World countries. When I got here, one of the things that I noticed is that they don't deploy security guards in schools, banks, malls, movie houses and other business establishments. Having lived almost all my life in a country where security guards are commonplace, I mistook the lack of security guards in schools, businesses, and banks as an indication that crime just didn't exist here. But, obviously I was wrong. Bad people just exist everywhere in the world. I really hope the police would caught the culprits in the bank robbery this morning. Banks are a good place to work but I've never really dreamed of working in an actual banking center because of this reason. It's just too scary to imagine the risk of bearing the brunt of a bankrobber's aggression.

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MaricrisG said...

too scary indeed! Glad it wasn't the bank where u worked.

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