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Monday, November 24, 2008

Fulfilling all of my own Christmas wishes

I should stop shopping for myself this Christmas. I tried but unfortunately, I have not been successful. We made our Christmas wishlists, right? But for some reason, I end up buying most of the stuff that I've written in my wishlist. We went shopping over the weekend and I just couldn't help myself from buying things that I like but could have been bought by Jeff as Christmas gifts. Hubby likes to have the chance to surprise me, that's why he was dismayed when he found out that I am Christmas shopping for myself the things that I've asked him in my wishlist, lol! Like for one, I've asked for a CD of Regine Velasquez' Low Key and Gary V.'s Platinum Album collection but yesterday, I ordered them online myself. Hubby said that I am not supposed to be the one buying the things in my wishlist but I told him that I am afraid he might not be able to find the right website since these are OPM cds. Poor hubby, he said he felt inadequate.

I was very specific with some of the things that I wished for this Christmas. Two of these are Nintendo WII console and a Guess purse. Yeah, I've changed my mind about the Xbox 360. My sister talked me into buying a WII instead because of the "Super Mario Bro." series. Anyway, since these two are kinda pricey, I leave it to hubby to get these for me, hehehe! Ok, since I already bought the cds myself, I cancelled them in my wish list and replaced them with an item that's going to be a personal challenge for him. Let's see if he's going to be bold enough to go into Victoria Secret and shop an intimate apparel without me!

6 replies:

hazelicious929 said...

it is a great challenge. My husband Winn surprised me with a black intimate apparel the first time we met hehehehe

monica said...

great choice of CDs ate! love both regine and Gary. take care!

iceah said...

gary fan din ako c: si regine dati, hindi na masyado ngayon c:

lou said...

Friend you're so funny!!! I don't know what Im gonna get myself this Christmas...maybe a camera lens hahah


inday_adin said...

hello ate Jhen.. he might buy you some this time on VS.. hehehehe that would be romantic! naks! :)

irish daisies said...

oh you will love the wii. i brought it with us in the camper. it is so much fun. I love the wii fit. and mario cart is so much fun. my parents bought one and love it too!. oh in colorado the cliff dwellings are near the 4 corners and it was breath taking!

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