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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Oh how I miss my sisters so much...I'm going to share to you a few photos of my sisters. I am the eldest of 3. The photo below is taken while I was still in Pinas obviously. I love the water background in that pic. Anyway, Jhazel is our youngest sibling and she's currently a Nursing student in the Philippines. We have a 12-year age difference.

This is Me with youngest sister Jhazel

The next photo is of my sisters Jingle and Jhazel. Jingle and me have a 1-year age gap. She's currently living in Illinois. I get to talk to her everyday on the phone so I really don't miss her that much, hahahaha!!!

My lovely sisters Jingle and Jhazel

Seriously, it's really hard to be away from your family. I'm glad I have pictures to look every time I miss them. The internet is also a very efficient tool for us to communicate. At least that helps a bit.

2 replies:

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

hello Jhenn! you have 2 sisters din pala, we are the same and miss them so much. I am the eldest too...

Anonymous said...

i know the feeling of longness for your loved one, my hubby is an OFW and it is really sad :(

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