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Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July in Ozark

It was my first time to celebrate the 4th of July. I was excited when Jeff told me that there'll be fireworks display in the evening. I was rearing to go but the weather wasn't that great. It started to rain and the skies were gloomy hours before the scheduled fireworks display. But that didn't stop us from going out to eat dinner then we headed to the fairgrounds to wait for the show. I was amazed to see a lot of vehicles parked with people also waiting to watch the display of fireworks. I've never seen that much people in Ozark in one venue. I felt excited and reminiscent of the Sinulog celebration. Although I know Sinulog is way more fun and crowded but Ozark is a small town with only a little over 3,000 population so it surprised me when I saw a gathering of crowd like that, moreso, there was a congested traffic on our way home which had never happened within my 9 months of living here. Anyway, I had so much fun and of course I took a bunch of pictures during that night.

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Nova said...

hahaha..isn't that amazing? we have the same experience diay... yours and mine's first celebration of america's bday.. we really have a good weather here until the end of the night, we thought na rainy and crappy siya pero good thing kay di diay..

nice jud kaya mga fireworks bitaw no? and the food.. hay...

thanks for the visit dear, musta na ikaw jan?

Pinay said...

Hello Jenn,kumusta? me too I love watching fireworks,diri sa amo-a kay sa July 14 pod kay national day mana namo.

Hay at last mamalhin na gyd mi karong Friday so busy ghapon ko.

kitty said...

4th of July always reminds me of new years hehee. thanks for sharing the pics. nakakainis naman sana nakakuha rin ako maski video man lang, wala tuloy may work kasi ako eh =D glad you guys had fun!

Anonymous said...

every 4th of July makes me miss home. coz it reminds me of Christmas and New Year. we also went out of time ate Jenn for the 4th and for a small town, their Fireworks show was spectacular. i didn't bring my cam though coz i misplaced the charger and it was drained.

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