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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's talk about food

Yesterday, I've read about the Recipe: Kip Saté a La Mina post that my friend Jacy posted on her blog. It looks yummy and easy to prepare so I cooked it for dinner last night. Jeff and I loved it. Jeff told me that I'm turning to be a great cook each day, hehehe! If you want to try it yourself, visit Reveries of simplyJacy. Thanks for sharing this, Jace!

8 replies:

Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks yummy. In fact ate Jenn, it looks more delicious than mine. What did you have it with? plain rice or french fries?

Anonymous said...

Mmmm that looks really good. I think I might have to try this tonight.

Hopefully I do as good a job as you cooking it...I need a little help in that dept.

Petula said...

Looks yummy.

Merydith said...

I envy those who can cook very well but sa ingon pa sa akong mama Practice ra lagi na :). Thanks for the visit dear.

Anonymous said...

It looks yummy! Unfortunately, I prefer washing the dishes than cooking. But I've tried to learn since I left Davao. :-)

Btw, thanks sa pagbisita sa akong payag, hehee.

Anonymous said...

That looks yummy and make me hungry

Dezz said...

ohhhhhhhh yummy food! im hungry really-:(

Anonymous said...

sakto ang ingon sa imong mama. i never knew how to cook until i live on my own. it's a combination of practice and experimentation jud.

try ug luto dear. ma-enjoy ka!

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