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Monday, June 2, 2008

Food Trip

Last week was a crazy diet for me. To help myself in achieving my goal to lose weight, I tried to eat less rice and small portions of food. I eat salad with a fruit or turkey sandwich with cheese for lunch and rice with meat for dinner. But last Memorial Weekend was a break when it comes to food that I ate. We did grill a lot. From steak, back ribs and country-style pork ribs. I tried different ways of marinating the meat. I even followed one suggestion of my friend Lou. All styles proved to be yummy and mouth-watering. I enjoyed the food so much.

Iceberg lettuce Salad with a piece of banana

Baby back ribs marinated with Kraft Honey Bar-b-que Sauce (Overnight)

Country-style pork ribs marinated with Mama Sita's Bar-b-que Marinade

3 replies:

Resebel's said...

Wowwww, yummy! I'm drooling here..looks really good.

shimumsy said...

those barbecues looks so yummy. forget about diets, right?

Lou said...

Jenn, mao na jud ni!!!! Can't wait for this weekend aron mag-sugba na sad ko...haayyyy diet LOL

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