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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Own Domain and Blog Clean-up

After a little contemplation, I bought my own domain the other day. Some of my blogger friends told me that it's normally gonna take days before I can use it but at least now I'm taking a leap in this blogging hobby of mine.

In preparation for my new domain, I thought about adopting a new blog template and so I browsed through a number of free templates online yesterday. There were quite a few that I liked--a 3-column template is the first thing that I was really looking for. As soon as I'll get my new domain, I'll shift to the new template. I also got busy yesterday fixing my blog categories. It used to be in such a clutter. I think it's a little better after I made some changes with them. I'm happy with it so far.

Today, I am going to take care of my blog roll list. I've read some bloggers here cleaning up their list and deleting those links that didn't have the courtesy to link them back. I mean, they're quite right, what's the point of keeping the links if you're not linked by them anyway? It's just gonna take your blog forever to load. So, I decided to clean it up today. If I still have time, I'm also gonna do my blog hopping rounds since I haven't done it in days now. Enjoy blogging everyone...

5 replies:

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

hello Jhenn, how much did you buy your own domain? hehehe

Unknown said...

hi jenn musta?good for u, u have new domain now see yah!!

Anonymous said...

hurrayy yes, it's good to clean up the blogroll, im done with my first one and working on the second one.

PinayWAHM said...

Enjoy the vacation Jenn. I would take one if I could..especially after what I had experienced last night.


Prily said...

you got it right,Jenn!i really want to check the links of my blogroll,too...hehehe...still not got the time to do it, but i'll be doing it're right ome will not really link you back and i'll gotta find out,too!

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