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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not a Good Day to be JENN

Today would have been a wonderful day if not for my abdominal cramps and internet connection problem. I was compelled to stay in the confines of our bedroom as I find it very distracting to do something, even just to watch television. I didn't feel that bad early in the morning when I tried to walk on our brand new treadmill. It was only right after my 30-minute workout that my tummy started to feel silly and my internet connection was acting up. It was frustrating as hell but I had no choice but to stay in bed. The best thing though was I got through two chapters of my Harry Potter book which Jeff find it cheating because we agreed to read it together before bedtime. Aha! Anyway, I made a very yummy but easy to make Italian Beef recipe for dinner. It's a slow cooker recipe so practically I didn't do much with it but simply mix up all the ingredients and throw it on top of the meat. We both find it superbly delicious. Thanks to my sister for that! Going back to our connection problem, I had Jeff called a technical support staff to help us out with it. He talked Jeff through the whole process and voila after like 15 minutes, we got our DSL back. First thing I did was write this blog and I'm back to my gleeful self again...hehehe!!!

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Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

me too Jhenn, I find it hard when my period starts and the painful cramps and all... but after a few days, it will be gone so I hope you feel better now...

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