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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Afternoon Driving

It's been a month since I was issued a driver's license. I don't go out alone as much as I would have to since I'm still a scared newbie in driving. But since the day that I had my license, I drove us short trips on the interstate and a couple of times in a 45-minute drive on the highway going to the shopping mall. I did it all with hubby beside me. He's like a safety net to me. It gives me more confidence knowing that he's just seated beside me. But of course hubby would always encourage me to go out and drive even when he's at work so that I can develop the confidence in driving alone.

I got bored today so I decided to go out and drive around town. I went to Taco Bell and ordered my favorite Chicken Quesadilla and Soft Taco then I headed to CV's to do a little grocery shopping. I must say it was fun doing it all alone even if I'm still a bit scared but I missed my hubby when it's time to carry the stuff that I bought from the truck to the house, hehehe!!! I hope one of these days I could gather the courage in driving to Fort Smith alone. It's a long way drive but the big shopping mall is there so I guess it'll be worth it. (*wink)

6 replies:

StaLira said...

ako malisdan mo-park sa sakyanan jenn ay..ambot na lng jud

Unknown said...

pareho ta lir oi. mangita man ko ug dako na parking space kanang walay tupad na sakyanan para dili ko makasala ba, hehe

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

hahaha, we are the same Jhenn, I do that sometimes most especially I gave more way to disabled parking, its better to park wider than you ever though just to avoid any hassle

Anonymous said...

Hi there, would you like to exchange links? -Florence-

Anonymous said...

congratulations'll get used to that. practice makes perfect...hehehe. pero ako, ni bike kabalo!LOL

Pinay said...

Congrats Jenn!makadrive na gyd ka asa asa ani :)Maayo na para dli naka magsalig or maghulat s aimo bana na i-drive ka.Dri man gud sa amoa daghan bus,train ug metro so dli ko maglisod ug lakwatsa, bahala dli ko kabalo mo drive :(

Medyo busy ko dri kay hapit na gyd mi mamalhin.

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