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Friday, May 2, 2008

Japanese Name

I got this cute tag from a fellah bisdak friend of mine, Jana. Sorry for the late posting, girl! But its better late than never, diba? lol

For the instructions, add your name on the list and simply spell out your name using the given Japanese letter- translations below. Tag six of your friends and inform them of the tag. Have fun.


A - ka -----G - ji -----M - rin -----S - ari----- Y - fu B - tu -----H - ri -----N - to ------T - chi -----Z - ziC - mi----- I - ki -----O - mo -----U - do D - te----- J - zu -----P - no ------V - ru E - ku-----K - me ----Q - ke ------W - meiF - lu-----L - ta ------R - shi ------X - na

1. OSWALD - moarimeikatate (sounds like american and states har....har...har...)

2. JUNELLE - zudotokutataku (Thank God I’m a Filipino! sounds like sadako. nyay! hehehe)

JACQUELINE - zukamikedokutakitoku (Ayay!! Unsaman ni perti mang taasa..wa ko kasabot nyahahaha)

LIRA LUZ - takishika taduzi ( sounds like a title of an anime show) it's cute!

5. JANA - ZukaToka (hastang ZUKAA! lol I can't help but laugh!)

6. JENNETH - zukutotokuchiri (hahahaha!! mura man kuto ako name!!)

How about you, Monica, Francine, and Hazel. What's your JAPANESE Name?

1 replies:

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

funny man ang name sa Japanese Jhenn, I was laughing, hehehe

HAZEL- Rikazikuta (hehehe, I am fine with my sweet name Hazel)

I had fun Jhenn...thanks

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