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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My night time visitor

I have not been getting enough sleep at night lately. At first, I blamed it on my short naps during the day. But if I don’t nap, I’d only get an average of 3 hours sleep every night. It bothers me to a point but I have read from pregnancy books that it is quite normal later in this pregnancy to experience insomnia. I have noticed the baby is quite active when I’m ready for bed. I mean he just keeps on doing somersaults, kicking me everywhere which sometimes puts some uncomfortable pressure on my bladder. I can feel and see my tummy doing some wavelike motions and it’s just amazing to look at. Braxton Hicks contractions happen frequently. It’s painless alright, but it sure is uncomfortable. Shifting positions and using lots of pillows sometimes help but I guess when the tummy gets this big, you hardly find a comfy sleeping position. Oh well, I've got only like 6 more weeks to go, so I guess I'll just have to be tough so I could make it to the most awaited moment of giving birth.

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Nova said...

my pedia told me before that babies are active/awake when your going to bed at night because they don't have the feeling of being rocked anymore... if you noticed that baby do only moves once in awhile, when your walking or on your feet. its because inside you, they were rock. so they are awake and do all the movement when you are lying down... i miss the feeling of being pregnant... enjoy while you still can....

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