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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting the house ready for his arrival

I guess I could say I’m nesting. As my due date approaches, I feel the need to make sure everything in the house is ready when the little one arrives. I have this surge of energy that prompts me to do some cleaning. But I know I should take it easy for the last thing I would want is to exhaust myself or get hurt or the baby so I sought for hubby’s assistance. He was more than willing to help. We decided to do general cleaning one room each weekend. We did the bathroom first. I took care of the sink and the floor while hubby was in charge of the hard to reach areas and of course, scrubbing the bathtub. I’ve always hated the tedious task of bathtub scrubbing so being pregnant lets me off the hook. Hubby did a pretty good job getting all the scum and grime off. I was impressed with his work so I told him if I can hire him to clean the tub all the time, hehe, and he replied I already have and made sniffing sounds, lol! I wonder if hot tub covers used at spas would help minimize the accumulation of dirt and soap scum. We have a daily clean shower spray but we're not very good at using it everyday.

2 replies:

Nova said...

every pregnant women who gets closer to their due date does that... i can't wait to see you precious gift jenn...

awalkthroughlife said...

i'm also getting excited for you. take care net. eat healthy so you can avoid complications.

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