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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Istorya Ta Bai!

I have heard of this site even back when I was still working in the Philippines but I never really get the chance to explore it and read the threads. I stumbled with it again here in the U.S. while I was researching for wedding suppliers. Istorya forum has been an important tool for me as far as learning what's new, what's hot and what's not in the Philippines. In two years that I was away from the country, I never thought Cebu could improve that much. I wouldn't have learned that if not for iSTORYA.NET. Besides taking care of our wedding, I have made plans on which places to visit, restaurants to try, boutiques to shop, hair salon to go to, beach resorts to bring my family to while I am there. All because of this website. I mean the forumers are "laagan" and very well-infomed so if you're basically looking for information on almost anything, you'd find it in this forum. The threads that I frequently read are Destinations, Food & Dining, Fitness & Health and Trends & Fashion. However, there's more to that on this site so if you haven't been to the Philippines for quite a while and you're unsure what to do on your future vacation, you might wanna visit the forum and learn current things about the Philippines.

3 replies:

Nova said...

oi ka nindot ba ani...akong nya ning icheck....

tx sweetie said...

grabi ug makauli kag balik sa ato Jen kay mahimout ka nga lami kaayo pamati ba. murag first time pud ka molupad sa US ang imo gibati. basta oi ug makakita ka sa lugar, makadungog sa kasaba, sa ka abog tanan makakita ug familiar faces lipay jud kaau ka as in! good luck sa trip soon.

graz said...

hai jen! istoryan sad d-ay ka? Surely you'll find useful information sa Cebu using this site. Dri sad ko nakakitag mga wedding suppliers.

By the way, how's preparation?

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