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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bren is Bumblebee!

He was a little Bat...turned into Darth Vader...sailed as a little Buccaneer...raced like Lightning Mcqueen...and this year, he transformed into...BUMBLEBEE.

This is my cute little nephew, Brennan Carlyle. He's 4 years old and like all kids on Halloween, he's all dressed in his bumblebee outfit and proceeded from house to house for the customary trick-or-treating. My sister said he had a blast. He's got a grocery bag full of candies and didn't want to let it get away from his sight. He asked for his bag of candies first thing in the morning and just practically ate nothing but candies. So typical for kids his age. It was a shame we didn't have any trick or treaters this year. As I've said this town is the home of retirees so I've yet to see a toddler so far. If we have kids, then we'll probably be the only one trick or treating here, lol! I've entertained myself by viewing cute photos of my friends' children on Facebook. They look so adorable so I thought of sharing my "tisoy pamangkin" photos on my blog. Happy Halloween!

3 replies:

Angels in my life said...

tisoy jud sya ay.... and nice custome...happy halloween

LODS said...

his costume is far out!!!! Its a great choice bren and you look so good in it. I betcha you got sugar high from eating all those candies you got huh? but it comes but once a year so enjoy it, thats what life is all about....

AdinB said...

That is so cool! U have a great costume Bren! Hay pinangga jud ning usa oi.. hehehe.. :)

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