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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A weekend with Harry

Have you watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince yet? Well, me and hubby watched it last weekend. We both have read the HP book series and we were excited how was it transformed into a movie. I still think the books are wayyy better than the movies but actually, this latest installment is the best of all HP movies in our opinion. I enjoyed the special effects and the main characters have grown to be really good-looking teenagers. I don't hate Snape in this movie as much as I used to, despite the fact that he did the "Avada Kedavra" curse on Dumbledore, probably because I've known that he's not really on the dark side. I know how the series would end and that must have influenced my thoughts on Snape. Anyway, I was entertained by the movie, I love the Harry Potter series and this installment hasn't changed that a bit.

3 replies:

kat said...

sinabi mo yan ha??...hehehe kadungog bitaw pod ko nga gwapo daw ni nga series.... ako ra man anak tig tan-aw ani, mutan-aw man pod ko usahay ani pero murag 2 or 3 ra man ako nataaw ani hehehe.

StaLira said...

ang natan-aw lng nko ky tong pinaka-unang movie ba hehe...sus nineteen-forgotten na kaau. manghagad daw ko dri sa mga pipol kng gusto sila tan aw ky ako sad ni tan-awon...hahahay...

musta jen?

Teen Supermodels said...

very nice movie.. i'm also loved harry potter :)

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